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Vodafone authorised to operate as MVNO in Chile

Vodafone has been authorised to provide mobile phone services throughout Chile for a 30-year period. Vodafone Group now has less than two years to find a local network to partner with.

Vodafone already operates as an MVNO in Brazil, providing business and M2M connectivity services, and previous reports have suggested the UK telecom giant is looking to further expand in Latin America

In Chile, Claro (America Movil), Movistar (Telefonica) and Entel currently dominate the market with 95 percent of subscribers.

MVNOs account for just 1.8 percent of the local mobile telephony market in Chile, led by Virgin Mobile with around 439,000 customers at the end of the first quarter.

Copper Mine Glut Puts Brakes on Latin America’s Clean-Power Boom

The global copper slump is helping to tap the brakes on Latin America’s fastest-growing renewable-energy market.

Chile, the world’s biggest copper producer, has been adding solar panels and wind turbines for two years to supply power-thirsty smelters that process ore from remote mines in the sun-baked northern desert. But with metal prices half what they were five years ago, output fell and energy demand slowed. That’s compounding an electricity glut in a self-contained power grid thousands of miles from population centers in the stick-shaped South American country.

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Chile’s salmon farms lose $800m as algal bloom

Chilean workers process farmed salmon in a plant in Puerto Ibanez near the town of Aysen, in the Chilean Patagonia region, some 1660 km (1031 miles) south of Santiago, in this May 24, 2006 file photo.

A deadly algal bloom has hit the world’s second biggest salmon exporter, Chile, where nearly 23 million fish have already died and the economic impact from lost production is seen soaring to $800 million, industry and government sources told Reuters.

There are so many dead fish, they could easily fill 14 olympic-size swimming pools, said Jose Miguel Burgos, the head of the government’s Sernapesca fisheries body.

Unusually high ocean temperatures, due in large part to the El Niño weather phenomenon, have fueled the algal bloom that has affected 37 of the nearly 415 salmon farms operating in southern Chile. Most of the farms are in ocean enclosures or in estuaries.

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