Honduras to tender for fourth mobile licesnce

Honduras has begun preparing a tender to attract the country’s fourth mobile operator, according to Ebal Diaz, president of telecom regulator Conatel. The aim is to auction spectrum in the 900MHz and 2500MHz bands with a view to persuading international operators to invest in the country. “Competition is always healthy… and we need to increase broadband penetration,” said Diaz, adding that “we currently have two operators and the state-owned one, which has to grow.” The three mobile operators – Tigo, Claro and Hondutel – share around 7.7 million active lines, although Tigo and Claro account for 99 percent of those.

An earlier report suggested that the entry of a new operator could result in USD 400-700 million of investments over four years and the creation of 3,000 new direct and indirect jobs.

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