Obama looks for fresh start with Argentina

President Barack Obama hopes to capitalize on renewed goodwill in Latin America when he is welcomed in Argentina on Wednesday for talks with a new leader more amenable to the United States.

While not as historic as his visit to Cuba earlier in the week, Obama’s stop in Argentina is seen by administration officials as symbolic of a growing thaw in the region prompted by opening ties to Havana. And the centrist government that recently took power could be fertile ground for expanding U.S. ties.

Despite the terror attacks that ripped through Brussels and dominated headlines Tuesday, the White House made clear that Obama planned to continue with his trip and complete his full schedule in Argentina.

The White House said the trip will serve as a way for the presidents of the two countries to discuss Argentina’s new reform agenda and recognize Argentinian President Mauricio Macri’s speaking out on human rights in the region. Washington also hopes the trip will increase cooperation in trade and investment.

Read the full article on CNN.

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